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A Business Plan is Critical to a Startup Company's Success!

Strategic Business Planning
Critical for Medium to Long-Term Planning!

IP (patent) Plan
Bringing Intellectual Property to Commercial Success!

Strategic Information Systems Planning To align the organization's information systems with the corporate mission.

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About the Strategic Business Planning Co.

The Strategic Business Planning Co. specializes in professional plans/studies that get results. You should use us because:

Typically we develop a strategic plan or a business plan within a month.


  • We are already accustomed to doing comprehensive research from all available sources and databases.
  • We are objective and present unbiased statistics and facts.
  • We produce professional business plans tailored for your intended use.
  • We have experienced - business savvy - Business Analysts and Specialists on staff. At least two staff members are assigned to every plan.
  • We respect confidentiality.


  • We provide an exceptional value for the consulting services that we offer.
  • When the business plan is implemented, you avoid false starts by carefully having planned ahead to have the required resources allocated at the most appropriate times.
  • It would cost you much more in time and money to do it yourself. More significantly, most people don't finish their own plan!
  • We have international expertise.
  • There is a team of consultants/professionals working on every plan including a lead Business Analyst and a Senior Business Analyst. But there is not the overhead and cost associated with a BIG consulting firm.

Strategic Business Planning Co.

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