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Business Planning
A Business Plan is Critical to a Startup Company's Success!

Strategic Business Planning
Critical for Medium to Long-Term Planning!

IP (patent) Plan
Bringing Intellectual Property to Commercial Success!

Strategic Information Systems Planning
To align the organization's information systems with the corporate mission.

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Business Planning

A business plan is a planning tool for management and for potential investors. It defines the mission and goals of the organization together with the accompanying strategies and objectives. It is a step-by-step outline of projected sales and the resources needed in order to achieve them. It includes past, and projected, financial statements and expected financial returns. The benefits to management and to potential investors are:


  • Set future goals and define realistic targets
  • Marketing/Sales programs
  • Operations/Manufacturing
  • Financial Analysis and Budgeting
  • Reevaluate achievements (annual Business Plan Update)


  • Evaluate management planning skills
  • Review key business strategies
  • Assess profitability
  • Used for buyers/sellers to establish prices

A Business Plan is Critical to a Startup Company's SUCCESS!

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