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IP for Inventors/Entrepreneurs

Bob DeMatteis, a succesful inventor with $25m/yr in royalties, was asked what he would do first in the invention process:
"There is only one thing...and it is... to have a real smart marketing expert on my team as soon as possible."

Many inventors/entrepreneurs become enamored with their invention/concept and fail to look at it from a marketing point of view. There may not be a clear market for the product, or the best target market may be entirely missed by a rush to bring a patented product to market. More importantly, a completely novel product may require an education process for the consumers to understand what they have been missing all their lives. Few inventors/entrepreneurs have the financial backing for a prolonged educational marketing campaign while their product that is "ahead of its time" waits for "its time".

SBP works with these inventors to commercialize their inventions.

The IP COMPASS®System provides marketing expertise to inventors/entrepreneurs:

Bringing patent technology to market is especially difficult for the individual inventor/entrepreneur. They frequently must consider forming a company (business plan) in order to demonstrate the profitability of one application of their invention. Identifying business partners for a product and licensing alternatives will frequently make the difference in profit realization. Many individual inventors exhaust their resources (financial & time) long before they bring their technology to a position where it can be commercialized.

Careful and consistent positioning of a technology, and an IP Plan, is key to eventually bringing it to commercial success.

An IP Plan is Crucial to Market Success!

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