Patent Overview

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Patent Overview

Only 3% of patents make money for their owners. (USPTO)
SBP will help to put you in that 3% category!

A US Patent is a contract between the Federal government and the inventor(s) in which the government conveys exclusive ownership of the invention to the patent holder in exchange for full disclosure of the invention. Patents are issued for apparatus, devices, methods, software programs, genetic engineering, genetic engineering methods, compounds, designs and business methods. A patent's Life Cycle is twenty years. Applying for patent protection in other countries (in concert with the international treaties) will provide virtually worldwide protection.

SBP focuses on commercializing patents using the analytical tools and marketing strategies in our Commercialization of Patent Assets (COMPASS) system. We are not patent attorneys, but we do work closely with them to add value for inventors. COMPASS(r) can be aligned to the needs of individual, inventors , small businesses , and large/high-tech companies.

Commercialization Methods

  • Develop into a product (create/manufacture internally)
  • Licensing in order to collect royalties
  • Technology transfer of expertise and the underlying protected technologies
  • Joint venture with another company
  • Sell all rights to the technology
  • Track down and license (or litigate) patent infringement
  • The optimal way to commercialize patents will vary for different uses of the technology and for various market segments. As part of the commercialization process there are several approaches to enhance the competitive advantage generated by proprietary technology.

    Approaches to Enhance the Competitive Commercialization Advantage:

  • Strategic alliances
  • Barrier Patents
  • Copyright & Trademark
  • Branding
  • Trade Secrets
  • In a competitive and global economy, where is the Safe Harbor? How can corporate patent assets be used to provide Safe Harbor? SBP will help you determine the best commercialization method. Use our experience, knowledge and creativity to build a plan to make it happen.

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