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Business Planning
A Business Plan is Critical to a Startup Company's Success!

Strategic Business Planning
Critical for Medium to Long-Term Planning!

IP (patent) Plan
Bringing Intellectual Property to Commercial Success!

Strategic Information Systems Planning
To align the organization's information systems with the corporate mission.

The Strategic Planning Workshop Helps to Bring All Executives to Consensus on Corporate Mission and Direction!

Strategic Planning Workshop

It is the purpose of our Executive Planning Sessions and Workshops to tap minds of executives and cross-functional teams in order to focus their energies - their hearts and their minds. Every workshop we facilitate is completely customized for the organization, starting with the pre-assessment and dynamically adjusted throughout the workshop including the follow-up to assist in finalizing the StratPlan.

StratPlan Workshop Overview:
  • Review the mission of the organization and match it with the goals and objectives of the functional area being addressed by the planning team.
  • Address and prioritize external opportunities and threats (from the perspective of the organization).
  • Address and prioritize internal strengths to be capitalized on and weaknesses to be overcome (from the perspective of the organization).
  • Crystallize individual member's plans and preferences.
  • Formulate key strategies.
  • Create links to vision, mission and goals for each strategy as well as measures to identify success of the strategy once implemented.
  • Prioritize strategies and recommend those that should likely be implemented first.
  • Determine which strategies require more research and tactical plans before they can be selected or eliminated (usually a part of a longer session).
  • Start developing tactical plans for top strategies, as well as, generating general timelines for implementation (usually a part of the actual plan being finalized after the workshop).
  • Draft the StratPlan with the information obtained from the workshop as well as the any additional sections that will be needed. (This takes about a week after the workshop.)
  • Review the StratPlan once the Draft of it has been completed, including next steps (usually a 1-hour conference one week after the workshop).
An Intense (Immersion) Consulting Experience

From SBP's perspective, this is an immersion into the corporate culture as well as the knowledge, feelings and expertise of all of the participants. This is a wonderful method to learn an immense amount of information about the organization in an intensely short period of time.

Workshop Outputs:
  • Competitive Positioning
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Formalized List of Prioritized Strategies
  • Short Term Plan (Quick Hits)
  • Timeline for subsequent planning
  • StratPlan Draft
Duration and Location

The shorter form of a Planning Workshop might be two, half-day brainstorming sessions. Longer workshops can be multiple days, usually four, half-day sessions.

Sessions are usually held on site to minimize travel time for participants. If the situation warrants, Strategic Business Planning Co. facilities or other off-site locations maybe used.