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Strategic Information Systems Planning
To align the organization's information systems with the corporate mission.

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Overview of Strategic Information Systems Planning

The Strategic Business Planning Co. (SBP) offers several levels of services for clients, starting with the Strategic Information Systems Plan (SIS Plan) which is developed to ensure that the organization's information systems are designed to support and achieve the corporate mission. The major features of the SIS Plan are that it:


develops a strategy and approach to align Information Systems (IS) or Information Technologies (IT) with an organization's business strategies

analyzes the organization's IS/IT status and recommends improvements

identifies trends and new technology for IS development, such as Web Services, ETL or VOIP

aids in software selection and the associated hardware to meet the organization's needs

identifies "data mining" opportunities to make the best use of available corporate information. It also identifies data collection strategies to help maximize database marketing opportunities

makes the best use of real-time information in order to maintain rapid-response and quality indicators

integrates/links the enterprise objectives with the acquisition and implementation of the required resources



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