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Strategic Information Systems Planning Workshop

It is the purpose of our Planning Sessions for Information Systems (IS) to lay the groundwork for the development of an integrated IS plan that will match with the business initiatives throughout the organization.

Every workshop we facilitate is completely customized for the organization, starting with the pre-assessment and dynamically adjusted throughout the workshop including the follow-up to assist in finalizing the workshop results and the proposed framework and timeline of a SIS Plan.

SIS Plan Overview Workshop:

  • Review the mission of the organization and match it with the goals and objectives of the IS functional area.
  • Review some of the major organizational initiatives that are initiated or eminent.
  • Create an organizational matrix of functional areas that must be involved in the decision-making, the implementation and the operations of top strategic initiatives.
  • Formulate a few key strategies for demonstration purposes.
  • Start developing detailed plans for top strategies, as well as, generating general timelines for implementation.
  • Create an organizational matrix of functional areas that must be involved in the decision-making, the implementation or the operations of top strategy initiatives.
  • Identify the processes necessary to conduct a SIS Plan and the sponsors throughout the organization that will be needed.
  • Draft the results and the recommendations of the Overview Workshop with the information obtained from the workshop.
Workshop Outputs:
  • Instruction on the project elements and the processes necessary to develop a IP Plan.
  • Matrix for other functional areas to buy-in and making decisions.
  • Timeline for subsequent planning including the development of a IP Plan.
  • IP Plan Overview Report.
  • Recommendations for efficient involvement of High-level and Department Executives.
Duration and Location

The Overview Workshop for the Strategic IS Plan will usually be a half-day. Longer workshops on strategic IS planning activities are often scheduled with the overview workshop. Depending on the people attending the workshop (cross-functional or mainly IT professionals) will influence the nature of longer workshops.


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